Danube Multilevel Planter Stand

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Product Code: THFTD 40038


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Our Danube Multilevel Planter Stand is a total winner when it comes to garden furniture! It can hold 6 big pots at one time and can definitely brighten up your home/garden while making space for more plants. What’s the best part? It comes in a flat pack! So when you don’t want to use it- just put it away! It has a very aesthetic design and will look like a complete stunner in your house!

Material CRCA & Mild Steel
Color Black
Dimensions 895(L)X 270(B) X 880(H) mm
Product Weight 8.40 Kg
Tube Size Thickness 0.8 mm
Assembly Instruction https://tidyhomz.com/assemblyinstruction/DANUBE%20MULTILEVEL%20PLANTER%20STAND-Assembly%20Instruction.pdf

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