Lena Ironing Mat - Candy Design

Lena Ironing Mat - Candy Design

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How often do we use our bed for ironing clothes when we are in a hurry? There are also times when we forget to turn off the iron in turn burning our sheets. With this ironing mat, Tidy Homz aims to solve your most basic ironing problem. This mat can be placed on your bed or any flat surface to give you a smooth and creaseless ironing experience. It is also easy to fold and can fit in your closet, car or suitcase. Includes a slip resistant silicone iron rest for your hot iron. An ironing mat is also a convenient option for people who do not have the place to keep an ironing board. It is available in a variety of designs and prints.
Material 100% cotton with polyester felt
Color Candy Design
Dimensions 1160(L) x 640(B) mm
Product Weight 0.5 KG
Ironing Surface 115 cm x 65 cm
Features 1) 100% cotton with felt lining for a smooth press. 2) Easily fold able for convenient and compact storage. 3) Lightweight hence easy for transportation. 4) Washable.

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