Pietra Viva Wok Frypan (28cm)

Pietra Viva Wok Frypan (28cm)

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A special pan for tossing and stirring pasta dishes or stir-frying in complete safety. The wok: stir-frying is always perfect thanks to the Magma Tech interior coating, while the pan is practical to use with its sure-grip soft touch handle.

ABOUT PIETRA VIVA Pietra Viva stems from the need to offer products with special shapes, more capacious, with competitive prices but without losing focus on quality. The outer covering is our elegant porcelain enamel with stone effect while the Magma-tech inner coating is offered in its basic black version. The new shapes, which can offer greater capacity, make this line suitable for large families.

MAGMA-TECH non-stick coating, applied in 5 layers, is designed to offer the maximum wear and scratch resistance; the mineral particles that are added to the coating constitute a real barrier that protects the coating itself even when using metal kitchen tools. A coating that, such as the stone, is able to guarantee the maximum resistance and stable performances over time.

Aluminium advantages:

- Maximum energy efficiency

- Uniform and quick heating

- Save food’s nutritional properties

Reinforced with mineral particles that guarantee:

- Long life

- Perfect and healthy cooking

- Non-sticking surface, metal tools proof

- Dishwasher safe

- Cooking surface easy to clean

- suitable in case of allergy to heavy metals and nickel

- PFOA – free


T-SAVER The ingenious device of Flonal that allows healthy cooking and money-savings at the same time. When the frying pan reaches the ideal cooking temperature, the message OK is displayed on the device. This prevents the overheating of the pan with subsequent energy saving, healthier and more nutritious cooking, longer life of the coating.

Dimensions 470(L) x 290(B) x 80(H) mm
Product Weight 1kg
Diameter 28 cm
Thickness 0.35 cm
Outer Coating Porcelain Enamel
Inner Coating Magmatech
Features 1)High scratch and abrasion resistance. 2)Allows the use of metal utensils . 3)Ideal for crisping and browning . 4)Cooks some foods faster and crisper. 5)Pietra Lavica Stone cookware can be used on gas, electric induction. 6)Easy to clean.

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