Wisla Washing Machine Stand

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A washing machine is almost a necessity in every home because it’s convenient, time saving and makes our lives much easier. But with a washing machine, you also need to use liquid soap, detergent powder, fabric softener etc. The problem always arises when you have to store these things and you need another rack-usually next to your machine to store these things. With the washing machine already taking up so much place, another rack is always difficult to squeeze in! But worry no more, we have something specially for you! Our Wisla Washing Machine Rack stands freely above your washing machine and hence occupies no “extra” space. It has two rack to hold a lot of items and help reduce the mess around your utility/washing area.

Very easy to assemble with assembly instructions provided with the product. Not suitable for standing or sitting and cannot be used as a stool/ladder.

Material CRCA Tube & Plastic
Color White
Dimensions 470(L)x 760(B)x1330(H) mm
Product Weight 3.10 Kg.
Features 1)Easy To Assemble. 2)Very Stylish and innovative space saver. 3)Perfect For Washing & Storage Spaces.
Assembly Instruction https://tidyhomz.com/assemblyinstruction/Wisla%20Washing.pdf

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